Joshua Galindo

Product Design Ideas

Product Designs

I love objects. I think everything has the potential for aesthetic appeal,

but a lot of stuff doesn’t get a lot of love in that area.

Here are some drafts of things that might be nice to make and/or have.



Love clocks. Will be making some 3D models soon.


I love furniture, especially 20th century modern. Smooth arcs mixed with sharp lines and points.

Some possibilities for the shape of the top, based on the golden ratio, then narrowed. One modeled here.

Bottle Openers

Just a thing that applies leverage to a cap. I often find that a lot look the same. I’m trying to explore different forms this simple thing could take.

Click to read more about each one.


Should be making more of these. I like making things that let you to be a little creative.

This one would allow you to slide in and out the backrest, which would come in different colors.


I rolled dice to choose what color each of the squares would be. Random results always seem to make something that feels balanced.