Joshua Galindo


[insert cordial and energetic but not overwhelming greeting]

^ Literally me.

^ Literally me.

Hi! I'm Josh.

Born and raised in Sarasota, Florida, I study Motion Design and photography at Ringling College. 

If I'm not working, you might find me bowling a mildly impressive but consistent 180, walking around the city on a sudden impulse to take pictures I'll delete later, or re-watching The Office on Netflix. Wherever I am, I'm probably humming whatever song is stuck in my head.

My room is slowly filling with Mid-century Modern clocks and furniture, and a bunch of other pretty things I "don't need." My older brother, Jacob is a grad student at UVA Medicine, and my younger sister, Rachel is a Spanish and Mathematics Education major at Florida Southern College. Yeah, I'm the weird artistic middle child.

I credit my family with teaching me love and responsibility and other cool stuff like that.

It's basically where I keep all the fun stuff I can't put on my website