Joshua Galindo
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Gattaca Titles

Gattaca Titles

A re-imagination of a movie's title sequence. Each composition is a motif or reference to a scene from the movie.

Key Style Frames

Gattaca is a somber but beautiful movie, and it's filled with nuance and symbolism, which I aimed to recreate in this animation. 

  • The two separate sets of DNA strands in the beginning form into one, a metaphor of the main character taking on the identity of his brother.
  • The spinning rings are an abstraction of the gravity simulator from the movie.
  • The floating circles are cells, an important basis of the movie's plot.
  • The eclipse is a depiction of space and the storyline of the main character.
  • Each of the turquoise letters is either a G,A,T, or C. These are the letters that represent the four proteins that make up DNA. More importantly, the letters that make up the word, "Gattaca."

I made this piece years ago, and it's still one of my favorite examples of the power of simplicity.